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Recordings, film and information about the radio aspect of the project. We made radio programmes about our history with the help of Loud and Clear.

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Radio show 1

The first show was broadcast live. There was music, history, personal stories, information, cool jingles and lots of laughter! Featuring the Wicked Fish team

Radio show film footage

Here's the film of Wicked Fish in the studio at Liverpool Community Radio. It was one of the first sessions and you can see us here talking about the project.

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Radio show 2 

The second radio show let us dig deeper into our heritage and culture as well as getting more experienced with all the radio equipment. Featuring Margaret Lloyd, Jenny Robinson from MOWLL and Fiona Torrance.

Jane 'Funkmaster' Fradley

Jane cueing up the next track, building her reputation as Wicked Fish's very own Funkmaster! The whole team learnt and developed a range of skills needed to produce a radio show.

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Radio show 3

The third radio show featured our favourite music from the 70's and 80's and we interviewed Kay Jones from the Museum of Liverpool, Terry Kelly and James O'Hara from MOWLL and Sue Potts the project evaluator.

Neil 'Newsflash' Bramwell

Neil takes last minute instructions from the producer, before going live with his next interview, whilst Leah, a student  from Weatherhead High School on work placement with us, prepares for her next slot. 

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