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We used drama workshops as a way to get to know each other and share stories, which we can use later as a starting point to create theatre pieces.

Memory Workshops

We had memory workshops which helped people remember personal experiences. Participants then went on to develop them into stories and then share them in short improvised performances.

Drama Workshops 

Drama workshops developed our performance skills and got us working together as a team. Excercises and games helped us to think more creatively and be confident in our acting.

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We use improvisation to build strong characters and storylines. We work with writers, and other practitioners to make theatre that is inclusive, accessible and entertaining. 

We want to change negative attitudes to People who have Learning Difficulties. Our performances and workshops explore themes that are important to us, like difference, discrimination and inclusion.

Our starting point for a new show might be a news item, an image, a poem, or work of fiction. We do our own research, as part of our rehearsal process, with the director and the actors working together to create the piece.

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